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1 In the year 2000 the Lord came to his son and spoke, “Tried and true I made this new.

2 I will show you many things that will come true to increase your faith because that is what you need.”

3 His son then looked to the ceiling and the walls of his room as the Lord started to display images.

4 The first of which were scenes of his life and the Lord said, “I will keep you filled as long as you are committed to me and what it is I ask of you.”

5 The next image on the ceiling was a gate of Heaven.

6 As the Lord opened the gate, two sets of stairs came down: one on the left and the other on the right.

7 The width between them was the width of the two stairs put together.

8 Then the Lord showed his son that he is the maker of all laws and opened the gate to heaven and showed his son the power of his kingdom.

9 He displayed to his son the myth of his rule on earth and how heaven is his interest and the earth is his footstool.

10 He then blessed his son with the knowledge to please him so that he may live in heaven with reward and to sacrifice for his favor while on earth.

11 From Heaven came forth servants of God that were in various sizes, rank, and power, but all of them protected by a covenant that entitles them as equals.

12 He showed his son that what is made in Heaven is also on Earth and the power of Heaven is so great that the least of his servants in Heaven could bring the strongest man of earth into fear and damnation.

13 He then assured his son that his servants from Heaven are there to watch over him.

14 The servants lined up equally on each side of the stairs that looked as if they were about 5 feet in width and each proceeded down the stairs in a disciplined manner.

15 At first the smaller servants came down and cleared the way.

16 And the Lord showed his son that even in Heaven there is a chain of command and that respect for authority is enforced.

17 When the smaller servants finished clearing the way, the larger servants appeared with cages, and the leader spoke.

18 “We have come to take the spirits of your planet and put them into cages.

19 We will save the good ones for you to live among when you are finished, and dispose of the bad ones in time.”

20 The next image was a hand holding a pack of cigarettes.

21 The hand packed the cigarettes and then opened the package and bumped two cigarettes so that they may be pulled from the pack.

22 A face next to the hand coughed and then the hand became soiled.

23 The hand of the Holy Spirit then took a pack of unopened cigarettes and waved its hand across the pack and said, “No more cigarettes,” and the image vanished.

24 In the next image a soiled hand took a pack of matches, which said “Holy Bible” on the cover, and lit one of the matches.

25 Then the soiled hand took the match and lit the entire pack, burning his hand.

26 The soiled hand then flailed his hand about because it was burned and the image disappeared.

27 Then the hand of the Holy Spirit took hold of a match book, opened it and then closed it and waved its hand and said, “Children shouldn’t play with matches.”

28 The next image was a bowl and a hand of the spirit of wrath stirred its contents.

29 Then the hand spooned a small teaspoon from the bowl.

30 In front of the bowl came a chipmunk.

31 The chipmunk then swallowed the contents of the spoon.

32 Shortly after swallowing the contents of the spoon, the chipmunk keeled over, became sick, and died.

33 Behind that chipmunk was another and he also fed from the spoon and became ill.

34 The line of chipmunks was large in size and stretched over the Earth as such the populations of man.

35 The next image was a scene of a man with leather gloves riding a motorcycle.

36 His jacket had a patch that said “Police”.

37 He pulled over and took the gloves off and said, “I quit!”

38 After that, there was another image of a man with a welder’s helmet and a torch.

39 The man shut off the torch, lifted the helmet and said, “I can do better than this” and the image disappeared.

40 The next image was of a cab driver who pulled over to get a fare.

41 The customer got in the cab and the driver drove a block before telling the customer, “It’s not worth it get out!” and the images stopped and disappeared.

42 The Lord showed his Son signs of great discontent among the populations.

43 Then there was an image of a soiled hand with the bible.

44 The hand stood behind a pulpit while it preached and after its sermon, it walked to its quarters, put the bible down and threw its sash onto a table.

45 Then it pulled out a large sum of money and counted it.

46 After counting the money, the spirit’s hands were filthier and more soiled than before.

47 Then the soiled hand walked to its liquor cabinet and poured a glass of expensive brandy.

48 The hand then opened a case of expensive cigars and started to smoke.

49 The next image was the hand of the Holy Spirit with a nurse’s hat.

50 In its hand was a gun filled with serum.

51 A shoulder then appeared and the hand of the Holy Spirit injected the serum into it.

52 The hand of the Holy Spirit then turned to wrath and drew.

53 “If you keep secrets from me, there will be no secrets.”

54 The next image was a man walking from the woods; he had long hair and a long beard and lived a much-disciplined life.

55 The image shown was a man around 65+ years in age living in a cabin.

56 The man was his son and this was the ending of his lifetime.

57 The man had various acquaintances but no real close friends or companions.

58 Above his house sat the Lord on his throne and surrounding his cabin was splendor.

59 Then four men in suits came to the man’s cabin.

60 The man was expecting them and invited them in and was accommodating.

61 The man then turned to his desk and pulled from it a stack of papers that was about 3 inches high.

62 The papers were well prepared as he handed them to the leader of the four men.

63 The man said, “I told you”, as he looked at the four men.

64 They were all wearing expensive suits but their spirits were despoiled.

65 The leader replied, “Yes, we know we went the wrong way,” and left with the stack of papers the man handed to them.

66 The man being pleased, abandoned his works and took a backpack with supplies and a staff for walking.

67 He started off from his house and after weeks of suffering without food, the Lord spoke,

68 “Where do you think you’re going?” and grabbed his foot and fell him on a rock, killing him.

69 The next image was the man as his son in a lifetime of leisure, praise, riches, and enjoyment.

70 He was born into a family of wealth made by his father.

71 His neighbor suited as his best friend and companion.

72 He was exceedingly popular at his school and achieved in athletics and academics.

73 On one birthday he received matching snowmobiles for him and his friend to ride; they raced each other as they enjoyed life.

74 On another birthday he received a ski vacation for him and his friend.

75 They skied down the mountain together, laughing and playing.

76 Another birthday he was given matching 4-wheelers and they rode around all over the place racing each other.

77 During the time playing with his friend, God showed him how he would kill him and then recreate him into his life so that he may live it over and over until God was pleased.

78 On another birthday he received a brand-new boat to wake-board and water-ski on the lake on which they lived.

79 One day, while the boy was driving his boat, an alarm went off in his head and the Lord woke him in his spirit.

80 Behind him, water-skiing, was his friend.

81 Then there was a flash and a warhead detonated in the nearby city in which his father worked, Cleveland.

82 The shock-wave from the blast caught up with both of them, killing them while on the lake.

83 Next, there was an image of a great pyramid in God’s Kingdom.

84 The base opened horizontally and the top arose from the ground into the air, opening a foyer of light where his children worship.

85 And the Lord showed his son how in his temple he has his children worship on their knees for 1000 years before they enter Heaven.

86 Then the Lord spoke to his son and said, “You have not had enough sex in your lifetime.

87 We will travel your consciousness around the world and choose the most perfect bodies for you to enjoy.

88 When you are filled, we will continue what we started.”

89 Then God said to his son in the future. “Feel better now? Good, let’s continue.”

90 He then blessed his son with the feeling of satisfaction.

91 The ceiling was then cleared of all its contents and the room was darkened.

92 There was the voice of the devil and the sound of tongues eliciting deception and evil.

93 God looked and with a fierce bang, said, “Then let it begin! If that’s how you compare yourself”.

94 The world refreshed and God showed his fury with those who serve doctrine, and compare themselves to God.

95 The image zoomed in on the Pacific Northwest.

96 It showed his son on his best behavior.

97 He was physically fit, and had a moderate wealth (middle-class) given to him by the Lord.

98 Then there was an image of three pyramids and palm trees and in the background, there was the sun.

99 The Lord moved time and showed the moon crossing the sun alike watching a time-lapse video.

100 When the moon covered the sun, the Lord refreshed the ceiling and showed the Earth and the Sun from space.

101 In the distance, between the Earth and Sun, there opened a gateway from another dimension.

102 And from the other dimension came forth a ship that was enormous in size.

103 And right behind the ship came forth a demon which was also enormous in size.

104 And when the demon arrived, he poked his head through the gateway and then used his arms to open the hole wider so that he may walk through it.

105 He showed his son how the ship was damaged by the devil and its journey to the earth.

106 The ship took shelter on the far side of the planet, away from the devil, so that it may make repairs.

107 While the ship was making repairs, God gave the devil puzzles to keep him at bay.

108 At the base of the devil was a small treasure chest of gold.

109 As the devil became more proficient with the puzzles, the wealth beneath the devil grew and grew until it was the wealth of the planet.

110 God showed how the earth was unaware of what the devil was doing and how they had no way of defeating his will because they were ignorant of how he was reaping the wealth from the populations.

111 He showed his son in southern California and the measure of his faith as his son lived his lifetime over and over again.

112 He displayed how he would build up and deflate his son’s ego as to temper him in the spirit.

113 Then to the east was another, Satan, and he was living in the southwest and was cast down to the planet.

114 The masses couldn’t understand why he was living on earth.

115 God showed an image of his son and how he and Satan were mutually exclusive, with equal power, but different.

116 The size of his son and Satan were enormous and God showed they had power in the spirit.

117 He showed the image of his son was made with wrath and the image of Satan was made with evil.

118 His son was then moved to south-eastern California, under the protection of federal authorities.

119 After that his son moved to a mid-western state to start his journey east and to escape a danger that was about to find him.

120 While he was in the Midwestern state he was scared, lonely, and his spirit started to empty.

121 As his spirit emptied, Heaven opened and down to the planet came the servant that paves the way for the Wrath of God.

122 First it was unleavened as it attached to his son.

123 Then it started to enrich and became filled with the inherent power of the Lord’s Left Hand.

124 The Wrath raised his arms to the sky and attached them to clouds of fire and rained down upon society suffering and anguish causing riots and despoiling the economy into an even greater depression.

125 And when the servant finished, his son appeared on the east coast, and raised his arms to God for help, as he was empty.

126 God said to his servant, “Very funny, don’t think I’ll let you keep it like that,” and then took his son up into the ship.

127 Immediately after his son went into the ship, the Lord went to the Middle East himself and lit a cyclone of fire miles high so that all those who admonished homosexuals knew that he demands their freedom.

128 Then the Lord showed the Earth, the Sun, the demon and the ship that was in orbit.

129 He then said, “Enough is enough!” and in the hand of the Lord appeared a large bag, big enough to hold the devil.

130 He swooped the devil in to the bag, dethroning him from above the earth where he had proclaimed himself king.

131 God threw away all of the devil’s riches and tied a string around the opening so that the devil couldn’t escape.

132 After the devil was contained, the Lord showed the ship and how the repairs were complete.

133 The ship then circled the earth many times, picking up all those who wanted to leave with it.

134 As the ship made its final circle and all the ‘passengers’ were aboard, the leaders of the planet felt betrayed and tried to destroy the ship.

135 He showed how the United States and the Arab nations launched two nuclear warheads.

136 The owner of the ship became offended by the actions of the Earth and their comparison to the ship’s technology.

137 God showed that although the ship was ancient, the technology of the ship was state-of-the-art compared to the obsolete technology of the planet.

138 The ship then used its technology to redirect the missiles back toward the planet, causing massive destruction.

139 The owner of the ship, furious with the planet’s arrogance, started to circle the earth very shallowly.

140 God showed how the ship’s length was the radius of the planet and how the ship’s gravity was so great, that it absorbed much of the earth’s atmosphere.

141 As the ship circled, it left much of the atmosphere despoiled, making the earth almost unlivable for those who stayed behind.

142 Inside the ship was ancient and empty with many vacant rooms that have been abandoned for almost a century.

143 God showed his son the future upon the ship.

144 His son was sitting in a room filled with temptation.

145 Sitting next to him was an attractive young man around his same age.

146 In his son’s mind; behind his son was a Jack Russell terrier and around him was an abundance of opportunities and success stories.

147 It was a test, and if his son chose to serve the measures of society, then the Lord would show him burning in hellfire.

148 Then God said, “And I won’t let that happen.”

149 And then he looked at his son in the present, who was witnessing the prophecy, and asked, “You want me, don’t you?”

150 His son humbly replied, “Yes.”

151 Then God said, “Then I’ll add to you,” and sealed and broke the lock on his decision.

152 Then the Lord showed his journey sleeping on the ship.

153 There was a great strife and before things could get out of hand, God transported the ship into another dimension.

154 One night, while his son was sleeping, the Lord opened his son’s head and out of it came a marble of white light, leaving a cloud of anguish and suffering behind.

155 God showed him clouds in heaven that became three gifts; a stuffed horse, a stuffed goose, and a stuffed mule.

156 Each of the three gifts were oversized to a child and all three were ample with stuffing and made with plush fabric.

157 And his son spoke like a child, “Toys!” and was spoiled with gifts of great wealth and power in heaven and the Lord blessed him with free agency so he may enjoy them.

158 The ceiling refreshed again, and in the new kingdom appeared his son in the form of a white marble.

159 God then said, “You’ll need one of these to live here,” and created around the marble a perfect body.

160 And then asked, “Do you want to know the difference?” and his son didn’t say a word.

161 And God said, “I’ll consider that as no, because that is what I started with,” and took his son’s mind from him.

162 His son stood before the Lord limp like a wet noodle.

163 God then said to his son, witnessing the prophecy, “This is when you inherit,” and blessed him with intellect without the knowledge of right and wrong.

164 His son was stunned.

165 He rubbed his eyes and looked around and felt refreshed.

166 The Lord then introduced himself, bold and majestic, “I am God and I am worthy,” as he filled his mind with his will.

165 He then said, “Speak to me when spoken to.”

166 And his son looked puzzled.

167 God said again, “I am God.”

168 His son politely replied with honor, “Hello.”

169 The Lord said, “Sing.”

170 His son was then confused as he didn’t know the words of any songs.

171 With compassion, God gave his son a book with the songs that he wanted to hear and empowered him to sing.

172 After listening to the songs of his son God said, “You are blessed,” and his son humbly replied, “Thank you.”

173 Then God turned to his son, Jesus, and said, “I am pleased,” and refreshed the ceiling so that his son witnessing the prophecy could not hear their conversation.

174 After a while, God said to his son witnessing, “Look to the left.”

175 His son was scared and didn’t move.

176 Then God said, “That is why I’m God,” and eased his suffering.

177 God then said, “Believe it! I am the one who made here and it’s mine to rule,” and closed his son’s eyes and put him to sleep.

178 One thousand years later, God woke him at the place he started sleeping.

179 He said, “Your time is over. I’ve anguished you, and yet you do not remember me.

180 That is a gift, and I will be your companion.”

181 He refreshed the ceiling and spoke again.

182 “Let’s continue where we left off.

183 Do you believe that I’ve anguished you for a thousand years to earn this right?”

184 And his son spoke in the spirit, “Yes”.

185 And the Lord replied, “Do you say yes because you believe me or because you are frightened that I’ll make you remember it?”

186 His son said, “at first because I’m frightened, and now because I believe you,” and the Lord paid him with faith so that he would pass his test.

187 Then God said, “Look”, and directed his son witnessing to the ceiling and said, “This is for you,” and on the ceiling was the perfect body he made earlier.

188 He then showed his son witnessing his conversation with the Lord when he didn’t know the difference between right and wrong.

189 God poked him with a stick and said, “Do something; I’m bored.”

190 And his son in the future replied, “Like what?”

191 God then said, “You need this to be yourself,” and blessed him with free agency.

192 His son looked stunned at first and then rejoiced with the feeling of freedom.

193 Then God said, “Do something.”

194 And his son looked stunned and replied, “Like what?” and the Lord became giddy.

195 God then looked at him for a long while and his son said, “What did I do?” and the Lord became giddy again and left to be with his son, Jesus.

196 Then, after a while, the Lord returned to where he left his son, and God merrily said, “You have been lonely for thousands of years, and yet you still do not remember me.”

197 And his son said, “You had just left.”

198 And God replied, “That is a blessing.”

199 Then God reached down and from his son’s left rib he pulled the lowest one from his side.

200 His son screamed, and started to weep, and the Lord asked two whom which were summoned to witness, “Does he need to gnash his teeth and live in darkness for you to feel righteous?”

201 There was a long silence, and the Lord asked again, but before he could finish one spoke, “Yes! That is according to our scriptures.”

202 The other rebuked him and said, “You fool! That is the Lord you are speaking to, kneel down and repent.”

203 Then God said, “Just as I thought, another folly.”

204 And after many days, maybe years, of testimony and rebuking with their knowledge of what is written, and what was to be fulfilled, God said, “I’ve grown tired of this, show them where they land.”

205 In the background he showed the bag with the demon, and the string keeping the demon became loose, allowing him to climb out.

206 Then God said, “Let’s give you a new look,” and gave the demon a body of a beast, much like a bear on hind legs with arms like a man.

207 Then he said, “Let’s remind you what they got away with.”

208 And he tagged the two apostles as God and sent them to hell.

209 And the wrath came upon the beast and he grew, and grew, and grew.

210 First he was the size of the solar system, then a galaxy, then he held a universe in his hands.

211 God showed the universe with the apostles in it and each apostle stood in one half of the universe and was enormous, as God’s apostles are.

212 And the universe they stood in was on fire and made of suffering and great strife.

213 Then the Lord showed the ship leaving the dimension that the beast was in.

214 The beast closed the hand holding the apostles and lurched toward the ship in an effort to stop it.

215 He showed his son how the ship was blessed and able to flee into another dimension, leading to paradise.

216 Then God said to his son witnessing, “Cover your ears,” and his son did so, and God spoke to him inside his mind, “This is also where I live.”

217 He then relaxed his son’s hands from the sides of his head.

218 God then said to all who were witnessing, “Now that everybody is on the same page, let me show you what Hitler made for me and the family.”

219 In the left side of the room appeared a chamber where there was gnashing, and weeping, and screaming, and the smell of flesh being burned and there was no mercy.

220 God looked down and saw that his son was frightened from the screaming, gnashing, and the smell of burnt flesh.

221 He comforted him and said, “It’s alright, don’t worry.

222 He got what he wanted and that’s all there is to it.”

223 Then the Lord heard the devil speak in tongues, sending a message of treason and betrayal, and God became furious and said, “I didn’t make you for that, because that I will not forgive!”

224 God sealed the spirit of his son witnessing and delivered upon the Devil his full wrath and sealed him in a chamber where he was cast into space.

225 He then directed his son to look up to the man on the ceiling, and then showed his son’s rib.

226 God spoke his name and proved his glory and time stopped as the kingdom watched what was to be.

227 Then God possessed the rib and created with it another perfect body to be his son’s companion.

228 When God finished creating the companion, he unveiled it to the populations, and this time it was a man.

229 God exclaimed, “It was the woman that led mankind astray.” and fulfilled his promise to remove the curse upon Eden, and validated his New Law.

230 He then directed his son’s attention to the right as there became images of his future in Heaven.

231 And the Lord showed him his new companion.

232 He was the same height as his son, and stood on a platform across a great divide.

233 The companion flexed his muscles and showed his son how his body was perfect.

234 His son became excited and anxious.

235 Then the companion said something funny to his son, and his son’s heart started to race and he laughed and laughed.

236 His son wanted to say something back to his companion and looked to ask

God what to say, as he was nervous and did not have any words.

237 God said, “Look and know me truth.”

238 And his son looked at God and then at his companion and understood what God meant and was at ease for his companion was God.

239 He then sent his son to speak to his companion and this time his son knew what to say and they joked and became acquainted.

240 God then said, “That’s about as good as it gets before the wedding night.”

241 He then put a ring of gold on the companion’s left ring finger, and a matching ring on his son’s.

242 And his son cried to God and thanked him.

243 The companion was then delivered to his son and his son began to glow with excitement.

244 God then said, “Well?” and his son looked to God because he didn’t know what to do or what to have, because he had nothing.

245 God said, “Then I guess you need this to be worth it,” and there appeared in his son’s hand a bundle of gifts.

246 One was a purchase card with an unlimited balance, the other was a passport, and the other was a certificate of immunity; describing his gifts in a metaphor his son could understand.

247 His son then looked up to God and humbly smiled in gratitude.

248 God then said, “Okay, now that you have said what you wanted to say, let me show you where you live.”

249 A window to another dimension opened to display a smooth, beautiful, abundant universe that was filled with bliss.

250 The ceiling then cleared and the Lord spoke to his son witnessing, “Now you know what I went with.”

251 He then looked his son to the left side of the ceiling and there was the beast behind a wall of fire in another dimension.

252 And the beast was angry because he didn’t catch the ship.

253 The Beast then opened his hand with the two apostles, looked at them for a brief moment and with a large grin, he smiled.

254 And God said to his son witnessing, “Do not deny me.

255 I will call you when I need you and there is much to do.” And the prophecy ended.


1 Then his son witnessing started to feel abandoned by God as his spirit started to empty.

2 Steadily the emptiness progressed until his son was on his knees with his hands raised into the air screaming and crying to God.

3 “Why God have you abandoned me!?”

4 Then God said, “He needs something to look forward to.”

5 And when his son couldn’t endure any more of the emptiness, the Lord filled him and validated him as his son.

6 And his son screamed at the top of his lungs, “Thank you God! Thank you! I’m so thankful to exist! I’m so thankful to exist!”

7 Because he knew God claimed him as his son.

8 His son fainted briefly and woke up and the Lord said, “Now that we know each other, walk into the kitchen; there is something I need to show you.”

9 And another voice in the distance spoke, “No, he needs a bath so that he knows what’s fulfilled.”

10 God walked his son into his kitchen.

11 His son then stood in front of his stove, lonely, anguished, and suffering.

12 He started to sob and cry out to God, “I’m so lonely. I’m so lonely… How? Why did this happen?”

13 As tears rolled down his face, a darkness appeared and stated, “I will torment you forever….”

14 And when his son could barely hold on any longer because the darkness overcame him and the loneliness was too immense to endure, another voice spoke, and it was God.

15 And he said, “And I know what to do with you,” and God gave Satan what he made him and the darkness disappeared.

16 Then to the left of his son, at waist height, appeared a golden sphere, perfect in symmetry, about the size of a large grapefruit.

17 It glowed and then spoke aloud as if mortal man could speak it himself, if he were in the room.

18 It was Christ and he spoke with a soft, gentle, understanding and compassionate voice as the golden orb illuminated, “You will be commended.”

19 His son was then comforted and stopped crying and was filled.

20 Then the room became an energy that started like static electricity, and more and more power surrounded him.

21 Then with a red flash, the spirit ignited into fire, much like a man standing in the middle of plasma as it combusts.

22 His son screamed as loud as he could for mercy, “GOD HELP ME!”

23 That next moment, his son woke in his bed remembering what had occurred.

24 He was so grateful for the compassion God blessed him with and to wake in his room comforted with the sun shining, birds singing, and a cool breeze; knowing he could have burned in hell forever.

25 And although the Lord was present, the Lord said nothing. Amen.