Free Bible Download - Gay Bible

Chapter 1

1 I started on my journey when I was young.

2 I walked outside and witnessed the gift called Christ, for the gift is light.

3 For years I pondered the gift and what it meant, for to ponder is to worship and curiosity is a burden.

4 In the background of my mind I wondered if others noticed that to witness is to praise him and power is inherent, not delivered.

5 To ease my burden I wondered what the Church had to offer.

6 I started with the Mormons and was greeted by a woman speaking of tithing.

7 I noticed that money was constituent to being forgiven in their temple and turned down her proposal, for to walk the path is the meaning of life and to offer is conviction.

8 Obsession is not a virtue and life has no condition; the word “Christian” really means “self-righteous,” for a person needs no declaration, and greed is never in my father’s kingdom.

9 When I was 25, I started thinking about the bible and what it had to offer me as a person.

10 I realized that acceptance paves the way, and that there had to be more to life than being self-serving.

11 I started to think seriously about going to church and incorporating myself into mainstream society.

12 Elated, I started to conspire about ways to get myself righteous, for favor is a privilege and destiny is a claim.

13 I started thinking about my boyfriend and how he fits into the big picture.

14 Would I go to heaven if I married him?

15 Would I have everything I needed if I made more money?

16 Surely God would forgive me if the bible said I wasn’t worthy, for I am a good person and the word is but a flower.

17 The weather tells a story and you need the air to breathe.

18 So I looked up to the sky and said, “Love me God; I’m worthy,” for the true of heart will witness God in person and I wondered if he heard me.

19 As the words echoed in his kingdom, the Holy Spirit met me and God spoke to me in counsel.

20 He said, “Love is unbridled; what speaks of morals has none, for you are living in your sleep and I am the only one who knows what’s been forgiven.”

21 There are two sides to every coin, he showed me, and made me pay for the gay man’s party.

22 He bowed me down and took my crown and made me beg for mercy.

23 Pride is a wall and he paid 1,000 years to break me, for the day it rained, I did not complain, for those thoughts he did not make me.

24 The mirror tells the truth, gay people have been enlightened, for the path I’ve chosen for you is freedom within dimension, and you are not worthy serving doctrine.

25 A candle has power and a diamond is still a diamond.

26 For the words “God help me” are spoken if you are drowning in the water, for that is the nature of resurrection, and the water is really fire; that is the baptism.

27 For suffering brings peace, and it is how a flower grows a petal.

28 He showed me upon my ceiling a new beginning from the ending, where man has been forgiven for stealing his kingdom from him.

29 We lived in a place called Eden, where everything was provided, even fornication, and from my rib became another made to be just like me.

30 Homosexuals are equal with the most in my father’s kingdom.

31 And God spoke to me majestically, “It was the woman who led mankind astray,” and rebuked all those who did not agree with him.

32 For the difference between right and wrong is written in the bible, and if you live in time and dimension it is the fruit that’s been forbidden.

33 For to serve it is intoxicating and to preach it, is addicting; there is only one rule that is immortal and that is God, if you know the meaning.